Cloud Hosting for your Business

Beginner’s Guide To Cloud Storage

Hosting your own email and server environment is growing increasingly expensive and opens your business up to necessary risk. That is why SOS has teamed up with industry experts to offer affordable and stable hosting solutions for both dedicated hosted servers and shared server environments. If you are looking for an IT solution for your business, you may be considering cloud hosting. Let’s talk about the various benefits of cloud hosting and how we can help.

Cloud Hosting is Reliable

Cloud hosting relies on virtual servers to draw its resources, such as disk space, from a pervasive network of underlying physical servers. This is far more reliable than depending on one physical server to host a website. In the event that a server goes offline, cloud hosting will ensure that the website it still available because it will continue to draw from the remaining network of servers. Cloud hosting offers unmatched website performance, and our data center at SOS has redundant internet and power sources to ensure that your company’s website will never encounter “downtime.”

Cloud Hosting is Scalable and Flexible

Scalability and flexibility are two of the most commonly known benefits of cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is ideal for businesses with fluctuating bandwidth demands since it makes it simple to scale your cloud capacity up or down as necessary in real time. When you aren’t limited to the physical capacity of one server, addressing these needs on demand in a seamless fashion is what can help your business rise above its competitors.

We Offer Integrated Cloud Solutions

At SOS, we also offer limited cloud solutions such as Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint hosting for your business needs. These solutions can be integrated into your current server environment seamlessly and offer a great and affordable alternative to investing in a new email server for your company.

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SOS Technology Group is a full-service IT consulting company focused on delivering IT Services and Solutions to businesses across the USA. We offer specialized, highly customized technology solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Our experienced team will be able to assist you in creating a practical, sustainable IT infrastructure for your business, from helping develop your overall IT Strategy down to implementing a fully functional network in your environment.

We offer a range of IT Consulting and IT Outsourcing services including Network Management, Dedicated Servers and Managed Services, customized to meet your unique business needs, so you can stop worrying about technology and focus on your business.

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