The Mobile Workforce is here to Stay

Each day’s headlines bring disruptive challenges that require robust technology solutions. Public health emergencies, natural events and political crises can all restrict mission-critical staff from travel or accessing resources at a physical site. To ensure revenue continuity, companies must have the agility to conduct business from anywhere, at any time.

At the same time, companies seek to benefit from increasing staff productivity and retention, as well as minimizing overhead costs of maintaining physical offices, by empowering personnel to work from anywhere.

According to a recent survey of 15,000 businesses worldwide:

  • 85% confirmed increased productivity due to greater flexibility
  • 65% say flex work helped reduce expenses and manage risk
  • 75% consider flex work to be the new normal
  • 62% of companies worldwide currently have flex work policies
  • Over half of employees worldwide work remotely more than 2.5 days a week
  • Over 80% of workers would choose a flex-work job over a non-flex job
  • The U.S. economy alone could see a $4.5 trillion boost through flex work

As a result, companies have increasingly relied upon mobile access to resources from both authorized and BYOD devices.

Providing mobile access in today’s anywhere/anytime world, opens an explosion of exposure points over a plethora of potentially insecure mobile endpoint devices.

Human fallibility and risky online behavior mandate that employees cannot be trusted to ensure the security of their own mobile devices.

Moreover, the array of threat types
is expanding, deepening and getting smarter, including targeted ransomware, never-before-seen threats, memory- based malware, side-channel attacks and encrypted threats.

IT must secure access from these mobile endpoints with limited budgets and skilled staff resources. This means streamlining deployment, availability and support to lower total cost of ownership.

Whether for ensuring business continuity or enhancing workforce retention and productivity, secure mobile access
is a strategic business imperative.

SOS Technology Group is here to assist with your remote work policy planning and implementation….

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