Working from Home Securely

wi-fi security

As the country prepares itself for a possible outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), IT providers are receiving increased requests to setup remote access for their employees. While this technology has existed for some time, there are considerations that should be taken into account when allowing this remote access.

If employees are utilizing their personal equipment to connect to your office environment there are inherent risks: 

  • Infected home PCs/laptops can be compromised with a keylogger which can allow a hacker to access your office network.
  • Certain types of viruses and malware can travel across the Virtual Private Network from your home to your office and infect both networks.
  • Opening corporate email from a personal computer which is infected can give a hacker access to your entire corporate mailbox and possibly other mailboxes depending on your permissions.

Luckily there are methods to protect from these risks:

  • Deploy Multi Factor Authentication on every layer of your remote connectivity
  • Include your personal equipment within a centrally managed antivirus solution
  • Configure Geo IP Filters on your corporate firewalls to exclude foreign country IP Addresses

SOS Technology Group is available to assist your team with Secure Remote Access deployments. 

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